Meet Mary Ann McKenna Ferraguto

A resume writer once described Mary Ann as “an individual with a passion for organization, research and problem solving”. By blending skills from several careers, she brings resolution and order to the most chaotic of situations – and makes it look easy! “A great outcome is NOT the result of a happy accident! There has to be a plan”, she says. Disciplined, organized, pragmatic and practical – she simply “gets it done”! Although not a mental health professional, Mary Ann is empathetic to the stress and emotions tied to peoples homes, and vested in each client’s possessions and their always complicated lives. She brings a level of professionalism and sophistication to every job that inevitably puts her clients at ease. As one client put it – “She saved our sanity”.Mary Ann is a native of the Connecticut shoreline, and has lived in Alexandria , Virginia for over 35 years.SHED Organzing Services is a member of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers), and was recently selected by Expertise as one of metro DC’s top organizing firms.




“More than 15 years ago, a friend ask me to help her prepare for a bridal shower she would soon be hosting in her home. To say things weren’t in the best order would be an understatement, lots of “creative storage methods” being the result. However after a full days work, we had re-organized her entire dining room, the china & serving pieces. Everything was ready to “go”. At one point she turned to me and said “ you should start a business helping people straighten out their houses. People would pay you!” In that moment, the seeds for what would become SHED Organizing Services were sown, and in 2008 SHED “opened it’s doors”. Since then I’ve been helping clients to de-clutter, downsize,re-organize and, ultimately, re-balance their lives. The goals and scope of work varies from project to project, no two are alike! I look forward to doing the same for you.”