Our Story

About SHED Organizing Services

Since 2008, SHED Organizing Services has offered concierge-level organizing services to clients looking to re-order and re-organize every area of their home, office or life. Our clients are goal-oriented, sophisticated people, with busy and demanding lives, who enjoy the “turnkey” services and resources we offer, and our “no drama” approach to streamlining their lives.

Many people want an organized space, but don’t have the time or energy to complete the project alone. Often, they fear confronting the conflicting emotions that accompany downsizing.

We help you take control of your home or office, and assist you in getting rid of things that should have moved on long ago. And we’ll help you work through any anxiety that comes with the project.

More than once, clients have told us that, just a week later, they cannot remember what was hauled away, or why they insisted on keeping it so long.

At SHED, we’re no strangers to deadlines and stressful situations. Relieving our clients of burdensome, time-consuming tasks they find overwhelming is all in a day’s work for us. Our professional, unflappable manner has diffused even the most tense of environments, leaving our clients relieved, calm and happy.

One of the biggest benefits of working with SHED Organizing Services, and one of which we are most proud, is the wide-ranging resources and support services we are able to provide. We’ve spent years building solid relationships with a large network of service provides, including (but not limited to): movers, junk haulers, contractors, handymen, landscapers and much more. They make it possible for us to tackle any job and tame any project.