Realtor & Moving

Here at SHED Organizing Services, we understand that the needs of the Real Estate community are unique. Successful Realtors have specific goals for marketing properties, and meeting the needs of their sellers. In addition, they are very often “on deadline” to get the home ready for market. Their testimonials evaluate our capabilities better than anything we can describe.

As a realtor, many of my sellers are either completely overwhelmed by the prospect of preparing their home for sale, or simply don't have time. Referring them to Mary Ann is a perfect solution for all involved as she quite simply comes in and takes over during what can be a very emotional and stressful time. Not only will she de-clutter and stage a property, but she will organize the packing up and removal of items to storage or charity, and arrange for the proper disposal of hazardous items such as paint and electronics. She will even unpack for sellers in the new property.
She is professional, trustworthy, efficient, and extremely hard working. I can always rely on her to do an outstanding job in the shortest amount of time. I cannot recommend Mary Ann highly enough.

—Annette Hinaman, Realtor
McEnearney Associates, Alexandria Virginia


One of the first tasks of a Realtor is to help a homeowner create a clean, neutral and open space that can best showcase the home. SHED Organizing Services can be hired by either the Realtor or the homeowner to assist homeowners in packing up of personal items, storing overflow furniture, and decluttering and organizing a house for the market.


The first impression of your home comes from the photographs in your online listing. Let SHED use our Interior Design training to help prepare your property for its “close up.”

We like to start by using a homeowner’s existing furnishings and decorative pieces to create a genuine and inviting look. If the house is empty, we are happy to work with a staging company to add value and help sell the home quickly for the asking price—or more.


When it’s time to move from a large home to a smaller one, decisions inevitably must be made on what to keep and what to give away. This emotional component cannot be overstated. It is very difficult for most people to part with things that have been with them for most of their lives.

At SHED, we work with our clients to help remove the stress and drama of dealing with the sentimental value of each object. Through support and encouragement, we help them work through this process and keep each project on track. We also arrange for the donation, repurposing, or affordable disposal of items that are no longer needed or wanted.

Moving Services & Support

The pressure of deadlines can be daunting when facing a move, but at SHED, we view deadlines as an opportunity. Orchestrating a successful and drama-free move is something of which we are most proud. If needed, we can draw upon our network of expert service providers to prevent any glitches from arising.

If you need a moving company, we can help you select one. Then we’ll work with them from start to finish to ensure a successful transition. Our pre-move preparation methods will allow you to quickly and easily find “life’s basics” in your new home as you settle in. And if you need help unpacking, just ask and we’ll be there to help.

The Focused Unpack

Moves are notoriously disruptive! If you need to “get settled” quickly, consider our “focused unpack” service! On “move in day we will provide a set of services specifically tailored to your immediate priorities! We’ll unpack , set up and organize 2 priority areas of your choice – just let us know in advance what they will be.  Kitchen? Bedrooms? Stocking the fridge? It’s your choice. We’ll also breakdown boxes, and organize moving trash so the moving company can remove it as they leave.


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