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SHED Organizing Services provides the following services for home and office reorganization:

Decluttering — “FREE YOURSELF”

Say goodbye to the things you know you need to get rid of and learn to live in the present. We’ll help you make decisions on what to keep, give you “permission” to let go of what’s left, and organize the speedy removal of those items. For offices, we facilitate the clearing out of an overstuffed storage area, and restore space and flow to your work environment.


Space is finite. So, if a smaller living space is on your horizon, something must go.  Let SHED Organizing help you step into your future, by assisting you with letting go of possessions from the past. To keep the process stressless and drama-free, we will arrange the donation, sale or disposal or everything you no longer need.

Reordering Rooms — “LET’S CHANGE THE ENERGY”

Re-organizing & re-ordering rooms can make your space function more comfortably and efficiently! Allowing us to thrive in new ways!

Creating Organizational Systems — “PUT IT BACK WHERE YOU FOUND IT!”

Once we’ve worked through the decluttering and downsizing phase, we create a system for storing and caring for the items you keep.

Complete Clear Outs — “MAKE IT DISAPPEAR!”

SHED Organizing Services can work with you to clear out the contents of a home or office. We will also handle the disposition of furnishings and other items in accordance with the owner’s wishes, with minimal supervision. See more in Estate Transitions.

Donation of Unwanted Items — “DOING WELL BY DOING GOOD”

Today, many nonprofits and other organizations are actively seeking charitable donations to support their work. SHED can coordinate the donation of unwanted furniture, household goods, personal items, and books, and provide you with a donation receipt for your taxes. Please let us know if there is a particular organization that you support.

Sales of Unwanted Items — “CHA - CHING$!”

Many clients have possessions with real intrinsic value that they don’t wish to keep. We have the items appraised by experts, and then sell them for you through consignment, online sales and estate sales.

Accessibility — “STAYING PUT”

Now, more than ever, people are opting to remain in their homes as they age, which can lead to handicapped and aging-in-place concerns. SHED can help determine optimal reconfigurations, accessories and spatial accommodations to make their goal of “staying put” a reality.


Staying connected continues to bring new energy into our work. SHED’S long established network of competent, experienced support partners and specialized services , enable us to tackle any job, tame any project – no matter how challenging or unexpected! They help us provide seamless, expeditious & drama free solutions for any challenges that arise. We so grateful for their loyalty to SHED & our clients!

Estate Transitions — “LEGACY CHOICES”

See Concierge Services for additional specialized home and office services.


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