Estate Transitions

SHED Organizing Services assists people with estates in transition due to inheritance, divorce, relocation, bankruptcy, foreclosure or death. We know from experience that thoughtfully resolving an entire estate is emotional and stressful, and that it takes time.

Often, we come into a situation where people are under tremendous pressure and not “at their best.” Planning each step with respect and compassion helps us to guide our clients through this difficult period.

Downsizing from a large home to a smaller one, or transitioning to a care facility or retirement complex requires decision making and a level of coordination that can easily overwhelm the homeowners and their family. SHED helps coordinate all aspects of the transition, from the donation and sale of excess furnishings, to organizing and packing for the move, to unpacking once you arrive.

What follows is a client’s eloquent description of our work:

Dear Mary Ann, please accept my sincere thanks for helping me arrange my affairs in DC over the past few months. This was a very challenging time for our family and your accommodations were not only outstanding, but integral to the disposition of my family’s estate. I’d like to share some of my thoughts with you and your prospective clients about how SHED Organizing Services provides an outstanding client experience.
SHED offers a wide range of skills for family asset disposition—whether it be a move, de-cluttering or sale. In my case, Mary Ann was instrumental in helping appraise heirlooms (her background in the decorative arts was invaluable), disposal of clothing and furniture, as well as providing support services such as packing, transportation and storage. SHED maintains an eco-system of partners and supporting staff which allowed what I consider a “concierge level” of service. Additionally, I relied on SHED to engage on my behalf for all these services with little or no supervision, offering carte blanche to Mary Ann to make decisions on a daily basis over a four-month period. Mary Ann is someone I respect and trust.
On a personal note, SHED understands the delicate nature of family changes; Mary Ann is sensitive to this and discreet where needed. I consider SHED Organizing Services, and Mary Ann in particular, a trusted advisor – her recommendations were invaluable to our family – and with deep gratitude, I recommend you to SHED Organizing Services.

— Respectfully, Steven Jerome

The death of my brother-in-law was a very difficult time for my entire family. We could not have handled the organizing of the family belongings, the sale of the house, and the final move to Savannah without Mary Ann’s expert help. The process was complicated further by the travel challenges presented by COVID 19. Her professionalism & constant communication allowed us to complete the entire move remotely. I remained in Savannah , while she handled all the details in Alexandria. We can whole heartedly recommend SHED Organizing Services to any family facing the challenge of settling of an estate - from dealing with the personal items that are so precious to family members, to organizing and supervising the family move.

— Alexandria, VA / Savannah, GA – September 2020


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