About This Project

This project was located in Leisure World in Silver Spring, MD. The clients were two “super seniors” who quickly realized that they would need a lot of help unpacking following their move the previous week. Their realtor suggested they call SHED for assistance. When we arrived, many of the moving boxes had yet to be opened, and some remained just where the movers had left them. Not a great situation for an elderly couple, one of whom was a “fall risk”. We immediately moved all the boxes, and clutter to create plenty of clear walking space. Then we went through the boxes with the owners, and re-ordered the kitchen cupboards & closets so they could easily access the necessities. Things had been moved that they no longer wanted, so those items were quickly removed from the space and taken to donation. Once the “heavy lifting” was complete , the rugs were re-positioned, the furniture was put into place, and their pictures hung. No matter what stage of life you’re in, your home should be beautiful, comfortable and safe. These photos are the result.